At Sun Glow Home Services, we know you expect the best when it comes to your Portland, OR, home’s plumbing. And our licensed plumbers have the training and experience to deliver the best in all your plumbing needs. From installations to replacements to repairs to maintenance, our professional plumbing team can handle whatever plumbing you may require with ease and expertise.

Our Plumbing Services

Our experienced plumbers can install, retrofit, repair, remodel, and maintain most anything to do with plumbing. Below is our list of most performed services. If you don’t see what you need listed here, contact our team. We’re sure we can help you.

Bathroom Plumbing

From toilets to showerheads, our Sun Glow Home Services plumbers will take care of all your bathroom plumbing needs:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Tub and shower fixtures
  • Under-sink pipes
  • Toilet clogs

Kitchen Plumbing

From sinks to water filters, our plumbers will take care of all your kitchen plumbing needs:

  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Water filters
  • Garbage disposals
  • Dishwasher water lines
  • Refrigerator water lines
  • Under-sink pipes

Water Heaters

Let us install a high-efficiency waterh eater in your Portland, OR, home. If your current model is nearing its life expectancy, our plumbers can replace it with an upgraded heater, saving you money in energy costs. If your water heater needs repairing or maintenance, we are here to help.

Sump Pumps

A flooded basement is a costly scenario. The damage water does is extensive and can leave toxic mold in its wake. Act proactively with a sump pump to prevent this type of mishap. We also install, replace, repair, and maintain backup sump pumps.

Water Softeners

You could benefit from a water softener if you currently have hard water. Hard water in your home contributes to mineral buildup inside everything that uses water and can cause damage. This damage can affect your pipes, toilets, water heater, faucets, and small appliances.

Garbage Disposals

The expected life span of a garbage disposal is 10 years. If yours starts making unusual noises while grinding food or stops grinding altogether, call us for a repair. When the time comes to replace your disposal, we have high-quality models to switch out with your old one.

Water Filtration

Drinking the cleanest water possible is important to your health. Our Sun Glow Home Services plumbers can help you choose the best filter for your needs. Let’s discuss your plans for a whole-house filtration system or a kitchen filter.

Backflow Prevention Testing

When you receive notification it’s time for your backflow testing, schedule your test with us. Our plumbers will perform your test and make any needed repairs should your backflow valve fail.

Leak Detection

That drip, drip, drip from your ceiling may originate from pipes in a totally different part of your Portland, OR, home than the dripping point on your ceiling. Leaking water is rarely straightforward when it comes to discovering its point of origin. Our Sun Glow Home Services plumbers can save you time, frustration, and usually money by locating the leak for you. We can then proceed to make the necessary repairs.

Drain Cleaning

On occasion, the drains and pipes in your Oregon home may have an obstruction. Sometimes there is a blockage backing up all your home’s drains, and other times it may be a less severe issue in just one sink pipe. No matter the cause—tree roots, toilet obstructions, unusual articles accidentally dropped down drains—call our plumbers. We will soon have the water in your drains and pipes flowing in no time.

Frozen Pipes

When the coldest of winter temperatures strike and freeze your pipes, don’t panic. Call our plumbing team to professionally thaw them in a manner to avoid pipe bursts.

Plumbing Installation and Replacement

Everything has a life expectancy, which means it all wears out. Your Oregon home’s plumbing is no exception.

Whether your home needs repiping, you need a new sump pump, or you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, our trusted and expert plumbers can help you choose the best replacement for your home.

Your satisfaction is everything to us, and we know how much an investment your plumbing can be. We only recommend top-quality brands and materials for all we do. No matter your budget, our Sun Glow Home Services plumbers will work within your plan still using only the leading products. We will customize your plumbing to fit your needs.

Installing quality products results in longer life spans, with the proper maintenance. This is a wise return on your investment, leaving you satisfied, which is our primary goal.

Be sure to talk to us about our financing options for some of our plumbing systems and products.

Plumbing Repairs

The majority of needed plumbing repairs tend to be unexpected. When your toilet won’t flush or your laundry tub overflows creating a flood, you need a professional plumber you trust to diagnose and repair the issue quickly.

Our reliable plumbers are here to take care of any plumbing repair you may have. We service all makes and models.

Plumbing repairs are something you need to deal with immediately, as water can cause extensive and unhealthy conditions in no time. It can cause damage to most materials and can build a collection of spore-bearing mold and mildew very quickly. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the worse your water issue becomes.

If your plumbing issue has plumbing, or gas pipes involved with it, we can fix it. From your refrigerator’s leaking water line to your stopped sump pump, from your drippy bathroom showerhead to your rusted water-treatment system, from your noisy water heater to your running toilet, when you have a plumbing problem, call our professional Sun Glow Home Services plumbers first.

When you have an emergency plumbing repair, our licensed plumbers are available to you, no matter the time of day. We offer 24/7 emergency service for your peace of mind. Call us when you need us.

Plumbing Maintenance

Performing regular preventative maintenance on your plumbing is a wise investment in your Oregon home—just as it is for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Our professional plumbers will regularly inspect and maintain your plumbing systems and appliances, keeping your investment protected and in peak performance.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable Sun Glow Home Services team members about how our Maintenance Membership Program  can help you. We have several options—something for every need and budget

Call Sun Glow Home Services for All Your Plumbing Needs

We will always meet your highest expectations. Our professional licensed Sun Glow Home Services plumbers are highly trained and experienced in all things plumbing. Contact us here in Portland, OR, at 503-253-7789 or request service online today.

Other Maintenance in Portland, OR 97203

“Shawn was excellent! His was on time did an excellent job on putting in a water line for my refrigerator, and he was done in a short time.”
- Suzette B.

Plumbing Maintenance in Clackamas County, OR 97222

“Hatim came out and checked our backflow and is very knowledgeable and very helpful! Highly recommend!!”

- Brian O.

Plumbing Repair in Happy Valley, OR 97086

“Shawn did a great job for us today. He completed a repair below our kitchen sink to fix a leak and re-plumbed some piping in our pool shed that had failed over the winter. He quickly diagnosed the problems and completed the repairs in a timely fashion. He even installed a release valve for my pool shed pipe so it can drain water as needed to avoid a future freeze. We were very pleased with the jobs he performed and we wouldn’t hesitate to call on him again in the future if needed.”

- Chuck R.

Plumbing Repair in Molalla, OR 97038

“Shawn is very good at what he does, great customer service and high knowledge of plumbing”

- Julian L.

Plumbing Maintenance in West Linn, OR 97068

“I had no idea where the backflow check site was, Hatem did an awesome job locating and letting me know where it is for future reference. Also gave me information about what he found during inspection/maintenance.”

- Hope J.

Plumbing Maintenance in Portland, OR 97201

“Wonderful service! Hatem was warm and personable. So respectful of our home. Excellent plumber and an interesting man!”

- Maureen J.

Plumbing Maintenance in West Linn, OR 97068

“Shawn is excellent, he is very professional and I trust him to do a great job.”

- Melissa B.

Plumbing Repair in Clackamas County, OR 97267

“Friendly, competent, reasonably priced. I’ll choose them again when needed.”

- Elaine H.

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