Zone Control Systems

Have you been dreaming about having complete temperature control over separate room or areas in your home at the same time for years? Have you also thought this was impossible?

With Sun Glow Heating & Cooling at your side, we can make this a reality for you. It is called a zone control system. No more running back and forth to the thermostat throughout the day, continually adjusting your home’s temperature to attempt to find a happy medium between all the spaces in your home.

We want to give you consistent and reliable heating and cooling at any time, so you can experience the optimum level of home comfort.

What Is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) method for putting the temperature control of your home’s individual rooms completely in your hands. This is accomplished using only one HVAC system.

With a zone control system, you can warm or cool the rooms you use most often at the temperature you want when you are using them. Simultaneously, you can keep the temperature of the rooms you use less often at a cost-savings level. The zone control system works in tandem with your thermostat(s) to make all this happen.

It is a tremendously simple setup for its powerful results. All you need to zone your home is the thermostat(s), a central control panel, and ductwork zone dampers.

Using thermostats to connect to the control panel, a zone control system opens and shuts the various dampers our professionals install throughout your ductwork. By you setting the specific temperature for each zone, this allows the redistribution of airflow to occur.

What Is a Zone?

A zone can be anything you and your Sun Glow professional decide and design it to be. You could designate one room, several rooms, or an entire floor of your home as a zone. It is entirely up to you.

Do You Need a Zone Control System?

To assess if your home could benefit from this type of system, set up an evaluation with one of our knowledgeable and experienced North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified professionals. We will conduct an honest evaluation, as we will never try to sell you anything you do not need or is not right for your home.

To give you an idea, if you have one or more of the following conditions in your home, your home most likely would benefit from a zone control system:

  • High or cathedral ceilings
  • Large open areas
  • More than one level or story
  • Large windows
  • An expansive floor plan with areas unused on a daily basis
  • Finished rooms in the attic or basement, or rooms over your garage
  • A concrete-slab foundation

What Are Its Benefits?

Two of the primary benefits of a zone control system are increased home comfort and energy efficiency resulting in cost savings. By only heating and cooling specifically where it is needed, you will by default save on energy costs and utilize your HVAC system in its most efficient fashion.

For even greater control, pairing your system with a programmable or smart thermostat can offer the most precise heating and cooling in your home.

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Max came and replaced my heating/AC thermostat

“Max came and replaced my heating/AC thermostat. It had stopped working. He did an excellent job. He quickly diagnosed problem, recommended solution and finished the task in a short time. The only thing I was slightly disappointed to see is that he did not sanitize the surfaces he came in contact with. I had to do it after he left. Otherwise I was thoroughly satisfied with his work.”
- Chenai N.

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