Creating a Brighter Future

Giving back to the Portland Metro Region means a lot to us here at Sun Glow. Many of us grew up in these neighborhoods, and we’re now raising our own families here.

Each year, we award a total of $12,000 in scholarship money to four student athletes from each of the high schools. Education is power! And we are happy to help these students pursue their college dreams.

Thank you for letting Sun Glow be a part of the community. We are family owned, 100 percent local, and we love being here!

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Here at Sun Glow Home Services, we take your needs seriously. We’ve been providing high-quality HVAC services to the residents and business owners in Portland for more than 47 years. Our talented heating and cooling team includes technicians who are experts in both heating and air conditioning systems, assuring you professional service. With our comprehensive services and friendly staff, we can make your space comfortable again. Call us at (503) 253-7789 to learn more about our heater and air conditioner services.

We’re a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and NATE certified, which means we’re up to date with the changing rules and regulations constantly occurring in the industry. Sun Glow Home Services’s certified technicians have expert knowledge of the best practices in servicing HVAC systems. Receive the most outstanding service in all of Portland with us at Sun Glow Home Services.

Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer Presidents Award 2023


Gas Furnace Maintenance in Beaverton, OR 97006

“Seemed very competent and concerned about our comfort and safety.”
- Paul R.

Water Heater Repair in Portland, OR 97229

“Erik was very thorough with his work and fixed our issue. He took the time to go over the problem and showed us what he did in addition to giving quotes for a more permanent fix when we are ready for that.”

- Shelby D.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Portland, OR 97223

“Abdonna was great and very thorough.”

- Mark W.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Beaverton, OR 97007

“Cleaned and checked furnace and AC. Arrived as expected. Easy to make appointment.”

- Janice R.

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