Fall HVAC Maintenance Brings Value and Comfort

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Getting a good value is something that most of us seek nearly each and every day. Will the new appliance last a long time and provide value to my home? Will the service I request be valuable to my needs? Is this book worth reading and a valuable way to spend my time? It’s no different when it comes to your Oregon home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. You want excellent value for the investment you’ve made both in the purchase price and installation, as well as in ongoing maintenance and energy costs.

Our trained technicians at Sun Glow want to remind you that we service all brands of HVAC equipment to ensure a winter full of comfort for you and your family. It is in your best interest to schedule a furnace or heat pump maintenance appointment this fall. This simple, affordable step is one way to help you keep your heating system running efficiently and reliably.

DIY Maintenance Tasks

As a Portland homeowner, there are a few maintenance tasks you should be well versed in. They are simple yet important to the ongoing operation of your HVAC system. First and foremost, be sure to change your air filter this fall. Ideally, your filter is replaced every three to six months, but it is critical you have a fresh filter before your heating system begins its winter work.

Air filters help protect your HVAC equipment from dirt and debris. In addition, a higher quality HEPA filter can also improve your indoor air quality. Checking your filter’s Minimus Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating helps you compare how it measures up against others.

Second, be sure nothing is impeding air flow around the outside and inside components of your HVAC system.

Professional Check-Up

Just like eating well and exercising cannot replace an annual check-up including tests and blood work from your family physician, it is important to supplement your regular homeowner maintenance tasks with a professional HVAC check-up. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, multiple components of your furnace should be checked during a fall tune-up.

Our trained professional will inspect multiple points of your HVAC system, clean the interior of your equipment, and perform dozens of tune-up tasks to get your furnace or heat pump ready for cold weather. Lubricating moving parts, checking electric connections, and inspecting for leaks are just a few things we will check. In addition, you can have our team inspect your duct work for leaks and damage, and check your thermostat operation as well.

The shoulder season of fall is an excellent time to schedule these appointments because fewer HVAC emergencies occur when the weather is mild, which means quicker and easier access to our team. In addition, be sure to ask about our comprehensive Maintenance Membership Program, which is an affordable and complete solution for homeowners.


By investing in a fall maintenance, you will be setting yourself up for many benefits this winter. Here are just a few:

  • Better Value. A small investment now to make sure your system is ready for the cold season will pay off this winter with fewer emergency repairs.
  • Increased Comfort. When your furnace or heat pump is working well, you will find your home more comfortably warm this winter.
  • Greater Efficiency. A clean, well maintained furnace or heat pump will operate more efficiently, which means potential savings on your utility bill.
  • Equipment Longevity. Besides reducing repair bills and emergency calls, maintaining your furnace or heat pump tends to lengthen its life.

Set Up Your Maintenance Appointment Today

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