“New furnace installation was completed in one day as promised. Steve Martinez was a very hard worker all day, nonstop. Personable, informative, very approachable with inquiries. A great install job. Thank you!”
- Robert S.

“Nathan was great, very professional and thorough. He worked over 2 hours to fix our problem. He ran test after test to make sure our heat problem was fixed & would not happen again, and we would not have another very cold night. Sun Glow helped us out by moving things around, so we could get service and not have to wait two days. Thank you All very much.”

- Patricia S.

“Lashaun was on time, courteous, highly professional and with deep expertise. Problem diagnosed and repaired in record time. It really doesn’t get any better than that! Every time we have dealt with Sun Glow, it has been the same experience. Thank you!!”

- Jim F.

“Travis was amazing! He came to simply change my UV bulb in the Air Scrubber and in his included inspection he noticed many little things and a big thing. All of which he came back the next day to complete and inspect overall. Super thorough job, and great customer service from the owner to the scheduler to the technician! Thanks Sun Glow and Travis!!”

- Jamie K.

“Abdona was on time, friendly and professional, answered all my questions and completed the service as expected. This was my first encounter with Sun Glow and its employees and I am completely satisfied. I look forward to the company servicing my air conditioning in the Spring.”

- Bill W.

“Shawn performed as a professional and found out the cause of the problem, and he answered to all of my questions.”

- Kanako S.

“Nathan from Sun Glow has performed our last 2 annual heating and cooling maintenance and inspections. He is very professional, courteous and thorough in his work. Nathan also answers any questions and gives recommendations on efficiency. We feel confident our systems are in top condition. Great service.”

- Marty M.

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