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Do I Need to Run My AC All Day in the Summer

May 22, 2024
Pink tulips lined up outside of a house in spring.

As the temperature rises to newly expected heights this summer in Portland, the temptation to keep your air conditioning system running constantly can be quite strong. After all, who wouldn’t want to come home to a cool, comfortable environment after battling the heat outside? 

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5 Common AC Problems

May 15, 2024
5 Common AC Problems. HVAC Tech Repairing AC.

When your air conditioner (AC) is running at peak efficiency, you win.

Not only will your electric bills in Oregon be cheaper––your AC system will last longer. Plus, your equipment will be operating at its best, so you will experience maximum comfort.

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Beat the Heat: How to Choose the Perfect AC System for Your Portland Home

April 23, 2024
outdoor air conditioner next to pink flower

Before the summer weather arrives here in Oregon, it makes sense to begin planning early in the springtime when considering replacing or upgrading your home’s cooling system.

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Air Conditioning Installation Tips for Your Beaverton Home

March 22, 2024
Air Conditioning Installation Tips for Your Beaverton Home. Air conditioner outside of house.

You can avoid the surprise of another heatwave by replacing your outdated AC with help from Sun Glow Home Services. Spring is the best time to maintain your current AC system or install new equipment in preparation for unexpected upticks in the temperature this summer.

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When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner?

July 24, 2023
When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner? Woman on the phone attempting to cool herself with a fan.

Sometimes, life moves incredibly fast. You could have sworn you just bought your air conditioner. But lately, it doesn’t seem to be working so well. You check the box and are shocked to find out you’ve had it for a decade. Where did the time go?

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Air Conditioners versus Heat Pumps

June 23, 2023
Image of a heat pump. Air Conditioners versus Heat Pumps.

In some ways, heat pumps have an edge over the traditional combination of a furnace and central air conditioning (AC) unit. However, no two households are the same, and each option has its pros and cons.

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Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

June 16, 2023
Image of a technician working with a thermostat. Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

It’s about to heat up here in Gresham. Make sure your air conditioner (AC) is primed for the Oregon summer heat rays by scheduling a seasonal maintenance visit.

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How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills

May 31, 2023
Woman suffers from heat while working in the office and tries to cool off by the fan

When your central air conditioner (AC) runs efficiently, it costs less to operate, uses less energy, and controls humidity and temperature easily.

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AC and Allergies

May 25, 2023
AC and Allergies - High angle shot of a young businessman feeling ill at his work desk.

Summertime is the season for rest and relaxation—except when pollen decides to crash your party.

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Top Causes of AC Failure

May 19, 2023
Top Causes of AC Failure - Fan off the top of Air Conditioner Condenser during maintenance

It’s the first really hot day of summer when open windows, sun-blocking shades, and the ceiling fans just can’t cut it anymore.

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How To Know If You Need A New Air Conditioner

April 28, 2023
Close up shot of air conditioner unit fans running.|

Is your home ready to beat the heat? If you’ve been considering a new cooling system, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

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How Does Your Central Air Conditioner Cool Your Home?

April 19, 2023
How AC Cools Your Home - Loft room with cozy design.

Well, air conditioners do so much more than just cool, like dehumidify your home or business and help keep your inside air cleaner. Understanding a bit of its basic components and how they work can help you identify a problem or malfunction when it occurs. 

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Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

August 11, 2022
Two Hands in Front of an Air Vent

It’s the first really hot day of summer in Portland when the floor fans and the open windows just don’t cut it anymore. You head over to your thermostat and select “air conditioner” and wait for that refreshing icy air to start blowing out of your vents. When you check a few minutes later, you feel only hot air. Why?

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How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

July 28, 2022
outdoor air conditioner next to pink flower

As a homeowner here in Oregon, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can about your appliances. That means knowing their basic operations, what features are included, and if any necessary upkeep is involved. Needless to say, this is no exception for your air conditioning (AC) unit.

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Be an Informed Consumer by Learning AC Lingo

June 15, 2022
Heating/Cooling Vent

The air conditioning system in your Gresham home is one of your biggest investments and home assets. In order to take care of it properly, as well as to communicate effectively with air conditioning (AC) professionals when needed, it’s good to understand some common air conditioning terminology. 

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Consider a Ductless AC System

May 5, 2022
Blue and brown modern office

When you think of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, you probably think of the furnace and air conditioner (AC) equipment inside, an air conditioner component outside, and a network of ducts running throughout your Gresham home. 

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Common AC Problems and Solutions

July 21, 2021
Bag of repairman's work tools

Our team wants you to be aware, prepared, and ready to solve these common AC issues so your household can stay cool this season.

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How to Properly Size an AC System

June 30, 2021
Blurred Air Conditioner Fan

Our team would be happy to help you select the best-sized air conditioner for your particular home.

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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

June 21, 2021
Woman Signing Invoice In Kitchen

If you’re struggling with a loud or inefficient system in your home, it could be time for an upgrade.

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What Is a SEER Rating on an Air Conditioning System?

May 28, 2021
Engineer adjusting thermostat

Are you trying to figure out the efficiency of the air conditioning system in your home? Consider the SEER rating.

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Common AC Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

April 30, 2021
Business man Accounting Calculating Cost Economic

Our professionals would be happy to help you sort out the options and help you make a smart investment for your home.

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3 Health Benefits for Using Your AC While Sleeping

August 27, 2020
Woman Asleep

Our team wants you to know that there are three health benefits to using your air conditioner while you sleep to help you stay comfortable.

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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner or Repair It? Ask the Experts.

July 30, 2020
Repairman and Client

What’s a better option? Repairing or replacing my air conditioner? Our team wants to help by sharing with you five tips to consider.

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AC Maintenance Tips

July 1, 2020
HVAC Maintenance

Air conditioning (AC) is one of those things you tend to take for granted—until it suddenly stops working during one of our stifling Oregon summers. To avoid this unpleasant situation, be sure to take care of your air conditioning system by not only performing homeowner maintenance—but also by investing in an annual tune-up and inspection.…

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

June 23, 2020
AC Freezing Up

Is your air conditioner freezing up? Sun Glow Home Services is here to help. Here are a few possible reasons for your AC freezing up.

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3 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a New AC

April 27, 2020
Air Conditioning Equipment outside of an Hold House

Deciding on the ideal time to replace your air conditioning system in Portland can be a challenge, so here are three areas our Sun Glow Home Services professionals suggest you monitor for telltale signs:

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

March 23, 2020
Person Maintaining an Air Conditioner

Can you imagine a hot Portland summer without air conditioning? Your air conditioning system can be your very best friend on the warmest days.  Be sure you take the time to perform basic maintenance regularly as well as invest in a professional checkup at least once a year. According to the US Department of Energy…

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Why Do I Need AC Maintenance Now?

March 10, 2020
AC Maintenance

An air conditioner (AC), just like a car, needs regular maintenance and service to run efficiently. At Sun Glow Heating & Cooling, we recommend getting your air conditioning unit serviced and cleaned at least once a year. The optimum time is in the spring to ensure your system will run with the most efficiency during…

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I had a fantastic experience with sun glow

May 9, 2019

I had a fantastic experience with sun glow. From the first call to the company to the final product. The office staff are great and helpful. The sales guy was great and detailed. And the tech took the time to dig into our existing equipment and found a way to save us money. I will…

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